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What is Ark of Taste?

  • Endangered:  produced in limited quantities, these foods will not be around in another generation or two without immediate action.  Risk factors may be biological, commercial or cultural.
  • Good:  Ark of Taste products are prized by those who eat them for their special taste or process.
  • Clean: no engineered foods here; everything on the Ark of Taste is linked to the place and community that protects them, and has the potential to be grown, raised or produced without harm to the environment.
  • Fair: to keep these food traditions alive takes many hands. No commercial or trademarked items are allowed on the Ark, only foods that anyone may champion, produce, share or sell.

Do you know of a product that should board the Ark of Taste?  Let us know!

Australian Ark of Taste coordinator: Vince Velletri.