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We invite you to come with Slow Food Brisbane Inc. to Puglia, Italy for a taste of and talk about Pugliese Bread, Slow Wine from Puglia plus a “virtual visit” to a couple of Slow Food restaurants of Puglia with one of our Slow Food Brisbane members, Bruce White.

There will be two speakers, Ian McBride who will discuss Pugliese bread and explore some wines of the region and Bruce White who will expand on the idea of slow wine and showcase some slow food restaurants of Puglia.  (Since 1999, Bruce White has been traveling Italy, returning every year to a different region with pre-planned wine and food experiences and liaising with Slow Food members of Italy*).

Invite friends as it promises to be a fascinating and convivial evening combining delicious tastes with new and interesting information and good company. A glass of wine and antipasto is included.

 When: Friday 7th April from 6-7.30 pm

Where: at the Dante Alighieri Rooms, 26 Gray Street, New Farm.

Costs: Members of Slow Food and Dante Alighieri Students: $15; Non members: $20. Afterwards join us at the Pizzantica Pizzeria downstairs. (not included in price)

RSVP: March 31st to