The students of Cannon Hill State School are looking for your expertise, experience and knowledge on agriculture, gardening and producing food that is good for you but doesn’t harm the environment.

Can you spare just 30 minutes to share your knowledge and expertise with year 5 and 6 students who are participating in project-based learning at Cannon Hill State School?  It could involve a Skype or telephone interview or a visit to the Canon Hill State School.

Project-based learning – learning by doing.

The students have been tasked with developing the theme of “How can we eat well and look after the environment” and they have come up with following examples so far:

  1. Greenhouses
  2. Seed Saving
  3. Watering Systems
  4. Fruit growing
  5. Seasonal growing
  6. Recipes for garden produce
  7. Preventing chickens wrecking gardens
  8. Chicken care
  9. A bee project
  10. A worm farm

So if you have expertise in any of the above areas and can see your way clear to contribute a small amount of your time to help these very enthusiastic students please let us know by emailing  or  by completing the form below and we will put you in touch with Chris Ling, the Principal of Cannon Hill State School.