A Younger Start than Ever For CHSS Preps

By Lilliana Graham

Learning about the garden has begun earlier than ever at Cannon Hill State School, with the preps making frequent visits to the garden and hatching chicks to learn about the world around them.

In previous years, students started garden education and cooking sessions in year three, continuing through to year six. This year the preps hit the garden early, observing and tasting herbs, learning taste vocabulary, looking for insects, and drawing plants.

At the three quarter mark of term one, preps welcomed in ten eggs and one incubator, closely followed by excitement and anticipation. Students have still been visiting the garden, while also observing the chicks` activity and behaviour.

Preps have been enjoyed the garden earlier and visiting the garden.” I love visiting the garden and seeing the fluffy chickens,” says Alexander, a prep student. Ms Meisenhelter a prep teacher, noticed the students that enjoy the garden and sharing herbs with their friends and describing what herbs they like and dislike.

Students of Cannon Hill Sate School have taken part in their school’s kitchen garden, expanding their knowledge about the environment. Despite being the youngest grade to participate in kitchen garden it seems they have made amazing progress in the subject.