A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the Annual General Meeting.  At the conclusion of business we had a regenerative meal of:

  • Beef brisket cooked to Junita’s recipe and pimped up with a finishing smoke of lemon myrtle and paperbark by Chris.
  • Three breads including a Country sourdough, rye sourdough and New Year loaf spiked with ginger and spring onions served with Nimbin Valley Dairy cultured butter.
  • Luscious leaves from Blue Dog Farm.
  • Coleslaw made by Deb
  • Condiments including:
    • Three Little Birds wattleseed & onion marmalade
    • Blend fermented smoked honey mustard
    • Ugly Duck beetroot rhubarb relish
    • Punk Rock Peppers Happy Cayanero

Randall Breen of Echo Valley Farms shared their guiding principles of the four goods. Good for the animals, good for the land, good for the farmer and good for the consumer.  These goods are the decision making tools for all decisions made at Echo Valley Farms and have helped developed their approach to regenerative farming.

Leading nicely into a discussion of the concept that it takes a community to bring you good food by Tanya Krikke from Indie Treats. 

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Leaders Annual Report
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