Cannon Hill State School – exchanging ideas with Vetralla School, Italy

Vetralla teachers and students work with Cannon Hill State School in an exchange of good clean and fair ideas for their school kitchen gardens.

Noelene McBride, Co-leader Slow Food Brisbane meets with Vetralla teacher Christina and Slow Food Viterbo’s Claudia to chat with students from the school.

Noelene was entrusted with delivering cards designed by the students of Cannon Hill State School to the students of Vetralla school near Viterbo in Italy.  The cards focused on herbs and seasonal plants in Cannon Hill’s garden with an emphasis on the importance of flowering plants and bees.  The Vetralla students were thrilled with the cards and notes from Brisbane and particularly loved the colloquial Australian expressions used by the students like “raining cats and dogs”.


The photos show a small herb garden with 4 types of sage and 3 types of thyme but only one sage edible!  A great enthusiasm for the cultural and horticultural exhcane with both students and teachers was evident.

Congratulations Jayne, Dani, Natalia and Chris.