Finger Lime – Catalogued in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste

Australian finger lime is one of the products catalogued in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, our ambitious project that is collecting and protecting traditional products from around the globe that are at risk of extinction. Finger lime, which bordered the Ark in 2013, is a cigar-shaped citrus fruit that is indigenous to a particular region of the northeast coast of New South Wales and southeast Queensland.

The interior of the fruit is unique, as it contains no pith and the fruit itself is not organized into segments but small pearls that are reminiscent of a pomegranate. Its flavor is slightly sweeter than that of a normal lime. This fruit is not easy to find outside its usual zone of production, so for this recipe you can substitute it for regular limes.

Today the finger lime is hand-collected across New South Wales, where a co-operative of 15 producers has been formed. The future of the finger lime is threatened by intensive methods of agriculture, so we are working together with the producers to secure its future.

Finger Lime Caviar in South East Queensland

Read about finger limes and finger lime caviar grown by the Lime Caviar Company in South East Queensland’s scenic rim.