Starting this week; again, we already store food, but hopefully we’ll make more use of all the empty tupperware containers sitting in the fridge and cupboard. We also tend to use the freezer less than we should, so I think we should try to improve on that aspect.

Before the Challenge

After the Challenge

Ending the week; we did quite well this week, as we reorganised storage containers in our fridge, cupboard, and freezer. We made better use of containers, and in most cases tried to use clear containers, so it was easier to see what was in them. This meant that we were more likely to use the food rather than it sitting in the fridge until it was way past eating. Another thing we tried was to put any leftover food that we wouldn’t get to eat soon in the freezer, to cook later or eat at another time. This worked well for us because we didn’t feel pressured to eat all the food we had in the fridge and cupboard but we developed the habit of using the freezer more effectively.