(Guest blogger – Mum)

Starting this week; we often cook large quantities even though there are only two of us for most meals. I struggle between making extra, given it takes virtually no more time, effort and energy (the electrical type) to freeze for later, and cooking just what we will eat for that meal. However from the week two challenge we have learned that the freezer can get overloaded and sometimes what we had planned to eat later ends up going to waste. This week we’re going to try cooking just for each meal.


Ending the week; Trialling our new approach of cooking amounts just for each meal worked well. It was satisfying to eat all that we had cooked in the one sitting and not having to pack and store leftovers. Sometimes there was still a small portion left and I used that for lunch the next day rather than freezing it. I found this helped to keep our meal sizes smaller as well so we weren’t throwing food from our plates into the bin at the end of the meal. While I will still cook larger batches occasionally, I’m a covert for cooking just what we need and reducing our food waste.