About Olivia

Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m 14 years old and in Year 9.  
I’m a member of Slow Food Brisbane and for the past 12 months I have been producing YouTube videos for the group.  I enjoy reading and drawing. I also like photography and have won some competitions with my photos.

My least favourite thing in the world is sports – particularly participating, but I usually have a go at most things.  My latest interest is cooking and food in general.  I’m looking forward to participating in some of the Slow Food Brisbane events this year.

Olivia’s Blog

Starting the Brisbane City Council Food Waste Challenge:

The six-week food waste challenge is a Brisbane City Council initiative designed to reduce food waste, and give insights to how much households are wasting. Each week there is a new challenge, and by the end, you will have “transformed yourself from a food waster to a food warrior in just six weeks” (BCC website)

When I heard about this challenge, my immediate reaction was “Cool. Let’s not do it.” However, not by my choice, we have started the challenge. Now, I feel as though it will be relatively difficult, but manageable. It will be a good experience though, and it will really give us insight to our food use. I think we will change our food buying and use behaviour when we see this insight, and work on wasting less than we did before. This change will hopefully affect the world in a small way. However, everyone who does the challenge will make a difference, because it’s important to realise how much food the world does waste.
(‘Fun’ fact: it’s a lot).


Starting off this week: I feel as though we are going to be surprised with the amount of waste we will make, despite the fact that we will be more conscious of what we’re wasting, and will therefore probably waste less.

Ending the week, we had such a small amount of food waste (possibly due to us eating things we didn’t want so it wasn’t wasted and counted). It was definitely an inaccurate depiction of our usual amount of waste, but we will probably continue to be more conscious from now on.

(‘Fun’ fact: 86 million chickens are thrown away each year in the U.K.)