Slow Meat:  Ian McBride tells us how we can contribute to this Slow Food philosophy.

1. Consume less meat but of better quality.

If you avoid meat from intensive farms and choose meat produced according to high welfare standards, you will already have done a lot. Increase your consumption of pulses and vegetables too.

2. Choose Grass fed over Grain Finished or Feed Lot meat.

3. Choose meat free from HGP Hormone Growth Promotants.

4. Choose locally produced meat.

5. Choose different cuts and learn to make less conventional purchases.

A cow is not only made up of steaks and chickens aren’t all breasts! The concentration of demand on the same cuts leads to high levels of food waste, and all this wasted meat means… a staggering increase in the demand for new animals to be raised. Rediscovering traditional recipes will help you understand that every cut has its own specific recipe capable of using them at their best.