Olive Oil Tasting, 7.00pm, Wednesday 03 August 2016
Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor (located right next to Albion Overpass with plenty of parking and close to Albion Railway Station for public transport users

Presenters: Ian and Noelene McBride (long term members of SF Bne)
Ian and Noelene have both successfully completed a Professional Olive Oil Sommelier’s and Tuscany Food and Wine Experience in Siena, Italy. This is a five-day residential course with daily morning tastings and afternoon gastronomic experiences.

What is an olive oil sommelier?
A Professional Olive Oil Sommelier has a thorough knowledge of the full production process of olive oil – “from the grove to the bottle” – and is highly skilled in the selection, classification, promotion and rational use of olive oil.
After the 5-day course, participants are competent in the technical assessment, evaluation, classification and use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With the completion of the course, participants will have acquired skills and certification, entitling them to join the International Register of Olive Oil Experts and to be part of professional olive oil evaluation panels.

The night itself:
You will taste 5 olive oils: 2 Australian, 2 Italian and 1 Greek (any more than that and your taste buds cop a pounding!)
Bruschetta with these olive oils
Lettuce salt and olive oil (the way Italians often taste)
Pasta with garlic and olive oil
A glass or two of Moolanda, an artisanal red wine from the Barossa Valley.

You will find out about:
Agronomy and olive oil growing
Sensory analysis and organoleptic evaluation
International regulation and standards
Health, well-being and nutrition
The finer details:
Cost: $30

RSVP: Sunday 31 July to Ross Claxton on 3376 0001 or rossclaxton@bigpond.com
Payment: Slow Food Brisbane
BSB: 633000
Account: 1447743507

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