Raise your fork for our youth!

Slow Food Brisbane feels strongly about fostering a strong sense of food responsibility across all generations but we are particularly passionate about encouraging it in our youth.  We encourage their involvement in decision making around our food, the way it is grown, where it comes from and how we minimize its waste.

Cannon Hill State School Articles

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Food Waste – Food for Thought!

Let’s talk about waste:  Olivia, 14, one of Slow Food Brisbane’s young members, talks us through her thought processes as her family navigates each stage of the Brisbane City Council’s Food Waste Challenge.

Olivia’s blog

Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.

Week 5.

Week 6.


Eat the Future you want for our youth!

Encourage them to:

  • Think Local, Eat Local and Value Local
  • Enjoy seasonal, local produce because it supports local farmers
  • Care about the future of our food because it needs to be sustainable

Set the example:

  • Don’t waste food or water in your kitchen
  • Eat what you have in your house before you buy more food
  • Find ways to use leftovers instead of throwing them out.

Our youth – our future!

These are the world’s future leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers and consumers.  Ideally they will:

  • Value local, good, clean and fair food for all
  • Prepare food with care and respect and grow it sustainably
  • Pay farmers and producers a fair wage for their hard work
  • Continue to raise awareness and make responsible food choices and
  • Promote public debate about
    • how to feed the world,
    • what to do about food waste, and
    • how to produce sustainably viable food.