Shaping the future Slow Food


Kristen Ethell, a new member of Slow Food Brisbane, searched for inspiration for her Slow Food Youth Network and found it at Cannon Hill State School.

Kristen visited Cannon Hill State School in early April to get inspiration for her Slow Food Youth Network.Kristen has just received her nutrition certificate at university and is working towards her masters degree in Environmental Studies. She is creating the Youth Food Network to encourage kids and teenagers to get outside and garden. Kristen’s Youth Food Network is the first in Australia and she is very proud of that. She wants to encourage young people to make meals with the things they grow. Kristen is very supportive of kitchen gardens, chickens and gardening for young people.

Kristen’s visit began with a conversation with a teacher before two students showed her around the school environment. First, she toured the Kitchen Garden and was shown the school kitchen. Kristen visited the baby chickens in the Prep room and looked surprised to see how happy and energetic they were. Next, Kristen was shown the bee garden and the mature chickens. She seemed amazed by how much the students knew about the garden and loved the Slow Food Snail of Approval award that the children proudly showed off. Kristen even got to try a special banana smoothie from the Food Bank-sponsored school Breakfast Club.

Kristen was interested in the twelve baby chickens which she said was one of her favourite moments of her visit. She wants to help kids be aware of how great the garden is and how much can be done with it. Cannon Hill State School shares the same vision. “CHSS kids are great leaders in the kitchen and I am very lucky to visit your school,” said Kristen. She liked the way that the school looks at all aspects of the environment.

Kristen loved her visit to the school and had a lot of inspiration to take back to her Youth Network. The school also took a lot of inspiration for their future environmental projects. Kristen Ethell and Cannon Hill State School both are helping to shape the future of Slow Food.