Slow Food Brisbane assists teachers in educational and cultural exchange with delegates from 160 countries

Noelene McBride, leader, Slow Food Brisbane left with teachers Jayne Aguiar and Dani Phelan from Cannon Hill State School.

Two teachers from Cannon Hill State School, Dani Phelan and Jayne Aguiar, both actively working with children in food education and sustainability through their School Kitchen Garden project, are preparing to represent Australia at the world’s largest fair food event. The teachers were chosen by Slow Food Brisbane to attend Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto in Turin, Italy in September.

Held over five days from 20-24 September, the Salone Del Gusto is attended by 5,000 delegates from 160 countries with more than 800 exhibitors, 300 Slow Food Presidia (producers growing what might otherwise be endangered), and 500 food communities from around the Terra Madre network. The event focuses on world-wide agricultural biodiversity, the local and global challenges and solutions. It hosts workshops, forums, conferences, cooking schools, street food and thematic spaces for themes such as: Children and taste education, Bees and Insects; Food and Health; Seeds; Slow Meat; and Slow Fish.

For teachers Dani Phelan and Jayne Aguiar, attending offers the opportunity to meet, engage with and learn from like-minded educators involved with school kitchen garden projects around the world and share enhanced educational outcomes with students of the Cannon Hill State School through their own School Kitchen Garden project on their return.

Cannon Hill State School, a recipient of Slow Food Brisbane’s Snail of Approval award, has been committed to food education for their students for many years. This is apparent in the professionalism of teachers and students in all aspects of the “business” of their School Kitchen Garden.

From Dani: “I am excited to have the opportunity to upskill myself and after this experience I will be able to lift the learning that the children are doing. We would love to establish a sister school in Italy with schools that have gardening projects. We teach Italian so it would be a wonderful extension for the students and a great connection with the world…”

And Jayne: “It is a really exciting experience to be able to gather information and have conversations with the other passionate school kitchen garden delegates. It will be will be invaluable for my professional work. In addition, I am very interested to learn more about the Slow Fish and Slow Meat campaigns and see how we can use this information in our families, our school and within the broader community…”

Dani and Jayne join at least 6 other representatives of Slow Food Brisbane attending Salone Del Gusto in September.  All are passionate about preserving biodiversity and sharing experiences with others when they return to Brisbane.

The event offers an opportunity to enter into conversations with people from around the world who are part of the Good, Clean, Fair movement and to soak up everything possible from that experience. Slow Food Brisbane will be represented by Noelene and Ian McBride (Bees, Slow Fish, Ark of Taste, Presidia) Myra Lowe (Slow Meat, Food Waste), Bruce White (Slow Travel), Mary-Anne Fraser (Chef’s Alliance) and Christine Ling (Agriculture and Small Space Gardens).