The Animal Welfare Horizons. Slow Food Brisbane represented by Noelene and Ian McBride

The Animal Welfare Horizons. 

Slow Food Brisbane was represented by Noelene and Ian McBride at The Animal Welfare Horizons, Brisbane. 4thDecember, 2019. 

Ian and Noelene’s joint presentation focussed on Slow Food’s message of Good Clean and Fair, the importance of protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable and “regenerative” agriculture. The main issues for Ian and Noelene were to create an awareness of Slow Food Agricultural Campaigns and to emphasis the importance of  knowing where your food comes from, eating local and of seeing ourselves as co-producers. (

150 people gathered for an Animal Welfare Horizons forum to discuss how Australia should address animal welfare as a nation and specifically, ways in which enrichment for animals can be implemented in Australia over short, medium and long term horizons.

Forum presentations included:

  • Why animal welfare will define Australia – Professor Donald Broom, The University of Cambridge.
  • Animal welfare in Australia: past & future – Andrew Spencer, Managing Director, Ancer Consulting and Chair, Australian Farm Institute.
  • Good, clean, fair – the future of Australian food – Dr Noelene McBride, Dr Ian McBride Slow Food Brisbane.
  • The chef’s dilemma – Simon Bryant, Dirt(y) Inc and Simon Toohey, MasterChef Contestant
  • Human effects on their animals (negative and positive) – Professor Paul Hemsworth, The University of Melbourne.
  • Building enriched environments – Kerrie Haynes-Lovell, Delta Society.
  • Promoting positive experiences in animal welfare – Nicolas de Graaff, Zoo and Aquarium Association.
  • Friends with benefits – Dr Mia Cobb, Animal Welfare Science Centre and Working Dog Alliance.

This gathering was a national university led Animal Welfare collaborative focusing on improving animal welfare that is powered by the tireless efforts of researchers at The University of Queensland UQ), The University of Newcastle, The University of Western Australia and The University of Adelaide.

UQ Professor Alan Tilbrook (UQ) argued that the strength of the Collaborative is that it is led by Australian universities and thus provides non-partisan independence, credibility, and scientific rigour, allowing us to lead initiatives with a clear focus on the animals.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative has four key goals:

  • Encouraging all of society to contribute their ideas on how to improve animal welfare.
  • Facilitating an inclusive, constructive, evidence-based discussion about animal welfare.
  • Promoting best practices in animal welfare.
  • Translating and enhancing a science-based approach to animal welfare

Other organisations interested in participating or learning more about the Animal Welfare Collaborative are encouraged to contact coordinators via the website 

Research contact: Dr Jill N. Fernandes, Researcher Animal Science, UQ Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, M. 0498 019 840 T. +61 7 3346 2170 E.

The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) is a research institute of The University of Queensland (UQ), supported by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.