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Join us as we create a Snail of Approval trail of local chefs, artisans and producers.

Importantly the Snail of Approval award recognises effort and intent, and should not be seen as an accreditation for any of these areas.

Become part of the Snail of Approval process. If you think you know someone who fits the criteria for such an award please email us at

Because we believe that it is important for us as consumers to know what we are buying the Slow Food Snail of Approval is offering a trail to lead you to genuine food producers, artisans, retail outlets, restaurants and cafes that demonstrate a philosophy of adopting earth friendly practices. These might include reduction in the use of chemicals, use of local and low food mile ingredients, preserving vanishing animal breeds and plant varieties, animal friendly practices, support of small producers, striving to create food that is Good, Clean and Fair.

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