Explore the Traditional Cuisine of Sri Lanka with Indrani Doloswala

Sri Lankan cuisine is based around rice coconut and spices and is basically gluten and lactose free.  It is not only healthy but beautifully aromatic as Sri Lanka is a great spice producer.

Some of the members of the Slow Food Committee were lucky enough to attend a Sri Lankan cooking demonstration at the house of Indrani Doloswala who is a recent new member of Slow Food Brisbane. We joined Indrani in the kitchen while she demonstrated how to cook a range of Sri Lankan dishes and then we had a very convivial lunch while Indrani entertained us with stories of life in Sri lanka.

While we were watching the main dishes cooking we sampled Malu Bola Cutlis which are Sri Lankan style fish balls.  They got us ready for the main meal.

Our main meal was a chicken curry done in lots of coconut cream and spices.  As accompaniments we had a beetroot curry, a green bean curry and a wonderful red lentil curry(dahl).  They were served on a plate that had a centre of fluffy aromatic rice.  Of course there was also a fresh pickle.

The desert was a light pudding of coconut and palm sugar.

If any members have a group of four or six and would like to have the experience of seeing how to cook a traditional Sri Lankan meal and then to sit down and enjoy it with entertaining company they should contact Indrani on 0402 908 519.

The recipe for the beetroot curry is at this link.