Eat less meat of better quality 

Situated on the D’Aguilar Range at Mt Mee, you will find some very happy cattle. Yajambee Farms is a family owned and operated Angus Stud producing 100% grass-fed beef. Raised on fresh air, lush green grass and with minimal handling, Jamie Brailak and Gabe Yates ensure these cattle live a stress-free life, so you get to eat the very best beef.

Yajambee cattle are bred utilising elite genetics, which means maximising efficiencies, gains and qualities in cattle through genetic selection. For example, selecting bulls that have a good temperament means their calves with be quiet and easier to handle, creating a low-stress environment for the animal and farmer.

This attention to detail in pursuit of excellence has created some great opportunities for the Stud and they have come to the attention of some of Brisbane’s great chefs, including Alastair Macleod and Tony Tiery from Ocean View winery. 

Based on the philosophies of ‘knowing where your food comes from’, minimizing waste, and sustainability, this grass-fed beef is sold at the farm gate as a nose-to-tail product experience.. With a 5kg minimum pack, which includes a variety of cuts to ensure that the whole animal is consumed, you are set to stock up with good, fair and clean beef, that is better for you and the environment. 

You can sign up to Yajambee Farms monthly newsletter by emailing and receive: 

  • recipes and tips on getting the most out of your beefy-package, 
  • dates when the beef will be available and 
  • stories of what’s happening on the farm (hopefully there will be no more snake bite stories!)