On behalf of Slow Food Brisbane we would like to congratulate the students from Cannon Hill School Kitchen Garden. Slow Food Brisbane is proud to be associated with and to sponsor the Cannon Hill School Kitchen Garden students and teachers who are indeed worthy recipients of the Slow Food Snail of Approval Award, which we will renew for the next year.  Their hard work and ability to address Slow Food’s Good, Clean Fair criteria is outstanding.

An example of their commitment to “producing good quality food that tastes good” was seen first hand at Tuesday evening’s “Taste and Waste in the School Kitchen Garden” event. This event was a masterful achievement, filled not only with delicious tastes from their garden but also they displayed a depth of knowledge about the importance of sustainable horticulture. A range of excellent research projects focussed on educating about reducing waste through recycling and showed us your commitment to taking an active role in creating awareness of climate change. The planet will be a better place with people like you in it.

We were so impressed with every aspect of the planning, from the professional presentation of creative and inviting menus to the preparation and serving of delicious antipasti, pizzas and vegetables and finally to meringues and fruits, it was fantastic to taste and even more amazing to think that most of the foods were sourced from their own lovingly tended gardens. Probably one of the exciting parts of the evening was hearing from the school captains and others about their projects and research, which we could all be part of and interact with through excellent “ expo” like presentations. 

Thank you again for sharing your garden with us and allowing us to learn about your projects and future research ideas. We also look forward to following your journey with your Italian School in Vetralla, Italy throughout the next year. 

In addition to the amazing work of the children and staff, the evening included an inspiring and entertaining presentation from Allison, co-ordinator of the school’s Breakfast Club. She spoke of the inclusive nature of the club – providing food and community experience to children and families of the school – and the emphasis given to ensuring food waste is minimised. Alison gave examples of how they use excess food from the garden and detailed the creative ways they have developed their menu to incorporate donated food – cheese, butter and yoghurt making; drying herbs, fruit preserves and much more. As a parent of the school, Alison is motivated by her passionate for sustainable food production and is enthusiastically sharing that passion with the next generation. Well done Cannon Hill State School!