The March 2nd event it was indeed a delicious and convivial slow food and Italian occasion, offering a virtual Sardinian experience with the traditionally dressed Angelina ( who shared her passion for Sardinian history and language and her extensive knowledge of Sardinian foods and slow food presidia (

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Moreover Angelina had brought with her from Sardinia (in her luggage!) malloreddus pasta (and strict preparation instructions for the chefs at Pizzantica who provided the second course of the night Malloreddus alla Campidanese), pane carasau (traditional Sardinia flat bread), EVOO Sardo, Sardinian brined olives, tuna and caper stuffed pepperoncini and Sardinian saffron (a gift for each participant), amaretti, Mirto (liqueur) for us to taste. In addition we tasted two wines directly from Sardinia from a local producer: Pala Vermentino I fiori) and Pala Cannanau I fiori ( ). We were able to source the imported Pecorino Maturo Sardo (Shepherds’ Fiore Sardo) in Brisbane through Wendy from the Cheeseboard.

For fuller explanations, history and details about the products that we savoured and if you want to know more about sourcing the wines in Brisbane please email us at

As one of our guests said:  “The Sardinian night was very enjoyable. Angelina was a lot of fun and her knowledge of all things Sardinian made me think of putting this part of the world on our next trip.”