Raising Awareness of Bees

At Cannon Hill State School, the Bee Project Team are raising awareness of bees in our environment. We’re planting a garden so that the bees have a safe place to live peacefully because bees contribute to producing 70% of the food on Earth – which is worth 200 billion dollars.

As part of the project to make people aware of how important bees are, our students were asked to come to school, on the last day of term, dressed as bees and donate a gold coin.

There were some very interesting costumes!

Some students wore screen-printed t-shirts with our school’s values –
Bee a Learner
Bee a Thinker
Bee Challenged
Bee Happy.

The t-shirts were made by the Bee Project Team with the help of our Art Teacher, Miss Julanne.

The members of the Bee Project Team are Ceeandro, Ellie, Elyssa, Gabrielle, Hakam, Pravan and William.