What a wonderful day that Jamie, Tay and Wendy organised and without a doubt it encapsulated all that slow food is about. Local produce, low food miles, showcasing and bringing together producers, artisans, chefs and food biodiversity. 

An amazing achievement that is a milestone event for Slow Food BRISBANE. Simply fantastic.

Jamie’s organisation of every aspect of the day from the Luvaberry farm experience to the displays of local produce and the accessabilty of the producers was seamless. Arriving at Mount Mee Community Hall, 1352 Mount Mee Road, Mount Mee was a magical scenic experience as it was a crisp crystal clear day and the hall was so welcoming, filled with local produce and producers and this, coupled with the wafting delicious food smells from the bar-b-que below foreshadowed the superb feast that was to follow. 

For chef Tay, words fail to adequately convey her gastronomic achievement. The photos tell some of the food story but believe me the tastes surpassed the visuals as they were all delicious, succulent and simply sumptuous. It is hard to imagine that Tay achieved this lunch menu on what has to be called rustic equipment!!! What a 5 star chef. 

All producers who spoke were all (especially Jamie) so passionate and articulate as they shared their individual food and wine journeys. Thank you. Check them out: 

Yajambee Farms – Grass-Fed beef, https://www.facebook.com/yajambeefarms/

NYDFA Lychees – Lychee wine, 

Blue Dog Farm – Salad leaves,    http://bluedogfarm.com.au/

Laceys Hill Distilling Co – Local Gin,   https://www.facebook.com/laceyshilldistillingco/

Luvaberry – Strawberries, https://luvaberry.com.au

Sandy Creek Organics – Vegetables https://www.facebook.com/sandycreekorganicfarm/

Wendy co-ordinated and oversaw all aspects of the event “on the ground” and was as usual a terrific advocate for Slow Food, articulating principles of low mileage local foods and her slow food self was essential for and at the heart of the wild and slow event! 

All who work in the background make these events possible. Thank you especially to Deb and Gav were such incredible workers. Thank you to all Dawn and Gerry Brady for selecting the wines and to all committee who assisted and to Louise at the registration desk.